27 July 2012

(Fri, 27 Jul, 2012)

The migration to the new upgraded email system will start on the evening of 27 July 2012 and will continue until completed. User will lose connectivity to the mailbox while it is being migrated. We expect to complete the mailbox move over the weekend but this could continue into the week if we are not completed. Users must do the following to help ensure a seamless migration:
1. Ensure that the Windows workstations are patched with the latest services pack for Microsoft Office. Documents on how to do this on Windows XP and Windows 7 are available at http://intranet.wits.ac.za/Support/CNS/EmailAndInternet/Exchange2010Documents.htm
2. Please ensure that these steps are done as soon as possible.
Please note that the your email will available on the following website https://email.wits.ac.za/exchange even if your client does work properly.
If you are unable to send and receive email on Monday morning with your Outlook client please ensure that you have followed the steps mention in 1 above. You may have to reset the workstation as part of this process. If you still have problems, please log at call with the CNS service at x71717 and continue to use email via the web page https://email.wits.ac.za/exchange
Outlook 2003 users will need to manually reconfigure Outlook to use the news Exchange server. The following change needs to be done Windows XP running Outlook 2003. Please read How to change setting on Outlook 2003.pdf with the actual screen shots at http://intranet.wits.ac.za/Support/CNS/EmailAndInternet/Exchange2010Documents.htm
Macintosh users using Entourage directly to Exchange will need to get the latest version and ensure that the web services add-ons are installed. Please refer to the document named Using Microsoft Entourage (Mac) with Exchange 2010 at http://intranet.wits.ac.za/Support/CNS/EmailAndInternet/Exchange2010Documents.htm
Otherwise change to use IMAP.

Please contact Greg Sulej x71684 or Shereen Jacobs on x71603 to get copies Outlook for Mac.

Mobile devices will not require any configurations changes once the email box has been migrated.

Linux users may need to reconfigure the email client to use Exchange 2010 instead of Exchange 2003 depending on the client installed. Please use email.wits.ac.za as the server name.

Please note that all users can use https://email.wits.ac.za/exchange to access their email and calendar.
CNS apologises for the inconvenience

Always at your service

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the CNS Service Desk on ithelp@wits.ac.za or ext 71717

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