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3 May 2010

As part of the University’s goal to provide more online capabilities to current and prospective students, CNS (part of Knowledge & Information Management) has worked with the Student Enrollment Center, the Academic Information System Unit and other key University departments to create the newly released Online Applications functionality.

This feature provides the ability for students to apply to study at WITS at either the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. Applicants are taken through a series of forms where they can capture all of the information that is required for an application. Applications are then submitted into the Oracle Student System where the Student Enrollment Center can process the application as usual.

The application that the user interacts with has been developed using PHP and Javascript and is deployed using the open source Chisimba Framework. The application can be viewed on the website.
In keeping with the SOA architectural pattern, Online Applications makes use of a service layer which manages the communications between the user interface and the highly complex Oracle Student System API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). These Spring Framework based Java services provide a means of abstraction which will prevent changes to the Oracle Student System from directly affecting the user interface.

Online Applications will be release to the public on the 3rd of May 2010 and we look forward to providing this exciting initiative, further proving that WITS gives you the Edge

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