Individual papers or panels will cover the following themes:


Innovation and Development: setting the agenda


  • Impact of innovation for development
  • Connection and disconnection – bridging development and innovation studies
  • Politics of knowledge production
  • Rethinking the development project by integrating innovation
  • Theorising and measuring contribution of innovation to development
  • Strengthening advocacy for the role of innovation in development.
  • Role of innovation as a catalyst for clean technologies and sustainability.

Dynamics of innovation in developing countries: innovation outcomes


  • Alternative measurement of innovation
  • Improved understanding of learning processes for capability building and innovation at the firm level, including sectoral specificities ( biotechnology, energy, agriculture, forestry, livestock, natural resources, mining, telecoms, IT, infrastructure, leisure, culture and entertainment) .
  • Knowledge and technology acquisition by developing country firms, what core competencies are needed?
  • Open innovation systems and models
  • Innovation in rural and informal settings
  • Innovation and protection of indigenous knowledge systems

Generate promote and support innovation in developing countries: practice and policy

  • Building capacity to promote and manage innovation in developing countries.
  • Case studies of innovation management and policy formulation
  • Review of the approaches by multilateral agencies and bilateral donors. 
  • Updates on donor strategies in funding technological capability building.
  • Comparative analysis of various models of funding innovation
  • Private sector firms as funders of innovation in developing countries.
  • Likely impact of global recessions on private and public sector funding of innovation. 
  • Managing and promoting innovation at the city and regional level